Rules & Regulations

1. Participants age

- 10km distance: Unlimited. Participants under 16 need to be supervised by guardians who have signed the exemption clause provided by the organizers. -Half marathon and marathon distances: Participants must be 16 or above (born in 2006 or earlier).

2. Participants

Vietnamese and foreigner is elegible for participating provided all conditions about age, health and rules are followed. Participants belong to these following categories will not be able to participate in amateur league:

-Professtionals athletes belong to official teams from cities, states or groups, who have been competing for said teams in 2021 and in official tournaments within the national competition system like: Mountain climbing Championship Ba Ra, Youth National Championships, National Championship, HCM city international open.

- Professtionals athletes belong to official teams from cities, states or groups and/or achived type I or Grandmaster in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

- Professtionals athletes belong to the National Athletics Team in 2019, 2020 or 2021

1. Participants must abide by these rules

-Follow all the rules of Vietnam’s legal system

-Be physically qualified to participate in all registered distances within time limit set by the orgarnizers. Participants will be responsible for their own safety and health problems (if any) during the contest

-Always wear BIB (issued in the raceket) on the front of the body

-Don’t leave valuable items in personal bags when instrusting said bags to bag deposit area

-The organizers will not take responsibility for any damages caused by: Sickness or other incidents (including emergency medical attention); loss or damaged personal belongings; participants showing up late because of traffics or weather conditions…

-Orgarnizers will provide basic medical care or professional medical assisstance for any injuries, sickness or accidents, and if needed will transport patients to the nearest hospital. Participants will be responsible for any cost as a result of these medical services.

2. Securities measures and prohibited items

Participants violating any of these following rules will not have his/her achievement and prizes revoked

-Participants are not allowed to compete under another person identity ( or passing BIB to another person while competing)

-Participants can not use any wheel vehicles while competing.

-Participants can not bring any kind of pets into the course.

-Participants can not take doping or any substances on the prohibited list of WADA. Participants also can not take any stimulants, drugs or pills that raise excitement while competing.

-Participants can not take any outside help that is not from the organizers (including but not limited to): water, nutrients, fruits,…

-Participants must follow the course set by the organizers. Anyone deviating from the set course without the referee’s approval will be removed from the race due to rules violation. Participants running through shortcuts will also be removed from the race. This violation will be determined by referee’s decision, monitor devices and other participants as witnesses.

-Participants must cross the starting carpet, other checkpoints across the race as well as the finishing checkpoint. Participants not following this rules will be considered not finishing the course.

-Participants can not bring any documents, pamphlets promoting something other than the competition, or anything that is considered detrimental to the Government of Vietnam.

-Participants can not wear clothes with offensive images, undermining the fine customs and traditions of Vietnam, opposing the gorvernment or promoting something other than the competition. We strongly suggest participants use clothes provided by the organizers.

-Participants can not perform acts or behaviors that affect the competition, like: dancing, changing, playing a musical instrument, fundraising, asking for signatures,… Participants are not allowed to hinder the competition by not following guidance of staff members. Participants are not allowed to go to bathrooms other than the ones predesignated by the orgarnizers.

3. General rules

+The Organizers will apply these rules and regulations for every participants and for the whole duration of the tournament. Any participants violating these rules will be considered not qualified for the tournament.

+Only Vietnam Athletics Federarion and Tien Phong Dailynews have the rights to change articles in Rules and Regulations.

-Complaint rules:

+Complaint must be made within the 10 minutes of organizers annoucing results for that specific contest.

+Complaint process: Step 1 is vocally, step 2 is by form and submit that form to the organizers.

+Current Athletics regulations and Tournament 2022 rules will be used for adjustment of claims.

+Decisions made by the referee committee will be final.